Information Technology Federation of Japan (ITrenmei) is one of the largest industry organizations representing Japan's IT industry. Our membership includes more than 50 IT industry associations, which overall covers four million employees across Japan. 
Through close collaboration with policymakers and government agencies, this aims to advocate policies that accelerate the national efforts to stimulate the IT industry and its contribution to the Japanese economy, society and welfare.


1)     Promotion of IT education

2)     IT human resource development

3)     Collaboration, exchange of information, statements and policy recommendations on IT matters to governments and related organizations

4)     Collaboration and exchange of opinions with global IT industry groups

5)     Activities for strengthening cyber security

6)     Collaboration and exchange of information among members

7)     Other activities necessary to achieve our mission

Policy Committee

Identifies common issues and problems faced by the IT industry, examines them for improvement, and puts them together as recommendations for relevant ministries to work out permanent measures for the development of the IT society.

IT Education & Human Resource Development Committee

In order to promote IT education (IT literacy, programming, etc.) for the younger generations, such as elementary, middle and high school students, this Committee puts together members’ opinions and make concrete recommendations for developing the necessary environment. In addition, in order to address the IT personnel shortage that is already a critical issue, it makes proposals to develop IT personnel who will lead the future, through the collaborations between industry, government and academia.

International Committee

Acts as a single point of contact with overseas governments and organizations, and negotiates/coordinates the introduction of useful overseas IT products, etc. to Japan. It also supports the overseas expansion of Japanese IT products and services.

Personal Data Bank Promotion Committee

In order to promote an environment where consumers can securely entrust their personal data, the Committee, from the perspective of a private organization, formulates rules in accordance with the guidelines examined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and certifies so-called “Personal Data Bank” operators.
“Personal Data Bank” provides a safe and secure environment for data distribution and utilization, and enhances the values of consumers and businesses. The committee promotes activities that aim to contribute to a better social reform derived by these enhanced values.

Cyber Security Committee

With the development of information and communication technology, there is an increased use of cloud, mobile and IOT in our social and economic activities. At the same time, various industries collect, analyze and utilize data in various fronts, making every aspect of people’s life increasingly dependent on digital technologies.
On the other hand, information security threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex, and threats in cyberspace are growing both in quality and in quantity. Traditionally, cyber security measures have mainly been implemented by network operators, but with the advent of full-scale digital transformation, a broader range of inter-company cooperation is called for from the viewpoint of securing uninterrupted socio-economic activities.
With the shared understanding that cyber security is the most fundamental component for securing the safety and security of modern society, the Committee examines the measures to be taken and improvements to be made to existing initiatives from a broad perspective, and promotes the implementation of necessary measures.

Federation secretariat

In charge of the entire operation of the IT Federation, the Secretariat promotes new initiatives and the establishment of new committees. It also serves as the secretariat of the Policy Committee.

Organization Chart